Residential Installation

Commercial Installation

  • Picture Pros provides pick up from any vendor, framer or gallery and delivers to the install location.

  • The pick up rate subject to change outside the Orange County area with a slight increase based on the out of county location.

  • If the pick up does not include the installation of artwork then pick up and delivery is subject to an estimate.                               

  • All merchandise picked up are handled very carefully and with the utmost care and with protection of moving blankets. Please refer to the price index for pick up rates.

  • One of the most successful areas that we have been highly recognized in has been residential installation. Our Clients have truly been pleased and satisfied with our attention to detail and award-winning personality.

  • Trust is very important to us and our goal  is for our clients to have trust in us during the installation process. We are experienced in placement and can suggest design ideas to homeowners.

  • When working with designers it is important to let them know that we are their team and they can count on us to get the job done no matter what kind of obsticles can present themselves.

                 Residential Services
    * Picture Groupings  * Mirrors
    * Canvas  * Shelves  * Photos/3D Art
    * Tapestries  * Iron Pcs.  * Posters
    * Wood Carvings  * Blown Glass
    * Wall Sconces  * Plexi Glass 
    * Metal Pcs.

  • We are the specialists in commercial installation. It is our priority to assist businesses in aiding to get the job done. There are deadlines and time requirements which have to be completed and that's where we come in.

  • Picture Pros has had several years of experience in the commercial industry. Companies count on us to get the job done. 

            Commercial   Domain

* Hospital / Dental  * Senior Living           * Hotels  * Casinos  * Corporations
* Small Business  * Restaurants                 * Federal / State / County Facilities          *Schools  Districts *Airports               *Museums  * Galleries  * Studios

             Commercial   Services
* Multiple Inventory of Art work
* Security -Locking Art Specialists
* Banners * Wall Murals * Plexi Glass
* Office - Cubicle Decals (Name)
* Aerial Maps * Dry Erase Board
* Cork Board * Site Directories

Pick Up and Delivery

* Inspect all pieces and itemize at pick up location.

* Blanket wrap all pieces for transport, if not already wrapped in packaging.

* Deliver to jobsite / residence and carefully unwrap all items.

* Confirm order and piece count with client.  Place and spot for installation.