Picture Pros is fair and flexible in our bidding and estimating process. Due to an increase in city, government licenses, permits, equipment, commercial space, uniforms and other overhead expenses in the current economy we have an obligation and responsibility to cover all the cost to maintain our services and provide state of the art installation to our clients.Our prices are very competitive in the current art installation industry.

Show Up Fee:

   * Picture Pros has a basic show up fee which is based on location with the first hour of installation included.

 ( example: Most areas in Orange County has a show up fee of $155.00 )

   Hourly Installation Rate :

    * To ensure safety and highest quality of installation, Picture Pros requires two installers on all job sites at an

    hourly rate of $119.00.            (The hourly rate is broken down into 15 min increments of $29.75 per hour)

Large Scale Projects:

* Due to the size and criteria of some corporate offices and public service area projects, an hourly rate is not suitable for these types of installs because of different  procedures and jobsite obligations . Therefore some installations are bid in estimation format and sometimes require a presentation to show an overview of the  projects. Please contact us for an estimate, thank you.   



* The pick up & delivery rate is $75.00 for 60 pieces or less anywhere in Orange County. Any pick ups over 60 pieces has a charge of $19.95 for every 20 piece increment.

* All pick ups in other counties / states are estimate only.

* Any pick ups where Picture Pros is not installing the picked up items is estimate only.


* All D rings, hooks and standard hardware is supplied by Picture Pros at no cost to any of our clients or jobsites.

* Any specialized hardware as for example high precsion wire or cable suspension is estimate only.

* Aluminum Z bars can be provided by Picture Pros for items weighing over 75 lbs at a cost of $4.95 per foot.  

* There is no charge for blankets, carts, dollies, ladders and other standard equipment for all art installations.

* Due to the safety of our team we do not install pieces with a ladder higher then 20 feet. Anything over 20 feet requires a scissor lift or scaffolding system which we can rent and invoice, or client can provide. We are very experienced in installing art on ladders however, after 20 feet it is an unsafe high risk hazard. 

* Packaging for any artwork for shipping purposes such as bubble wrapping, boxing or crating, is estimate only.