Welcome to our website, we are the pros. Our mission is to provide a service level of excellence to our clients and customers using the latest skills, professionalism and experience in handling and installing your artwork. Through several years of artistry exposure we have achieved a master level of art installation and it is our pleasure to service your needs.

     We understand you have many choices in choosing the right art installation company to transport and  install  your artwork. We are ready and focused to complete that task in the commercial and residential domain. Using the latest tools and techniques, we install all art objects to the most precise and accurate level with high quality assurance  that they will be secured and leveled.

     Our team uses the D ring method on all pieces, instead of wire. Once the piece is on the wall it will never sway or get out of formation. We use the same amount of hardware used on walls or surfaces just like any other wired art. Skills to achieve this is all in measurements and that's what we specialize in and end up with superior accuracy . We install the D rings and remove any existing wire to all pieces at no cost to you.

     On all heavy items weighing over 100 lbs we use aluminum Z bars which are  a cleat system for a stabilized hold. Due to the current aluminum market we have  to apply  a cost. Z bars are sold to us per foot,  please refer to our price index for more information. Picture Pros uses two-man teams on all installations to ensure high quality perfection and minimize install time. Our prices are fair and competitive. Instead of our clients  absorbing the cost of two installers, we have devised a flat rate to make it more affordable .